Week in Review: Google Launches Programmatic for TV and Trueview, Apple TV Rumours, Traditional TV Sees Continued Decline

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Google Launches Programmatic for TV and TrueView Ads
Google’s Doubleclick has announced a wealth of updates this week. The DSP announced that the previously acquired mDialog inventory is now connected to its ad exchange. This development allows for programmatic trading TV inventory across OTT devices like Chromecast and Apple TV. Doubleclick also announced an improved offering in TV forecasting for publisher inventory.

Google also announced their skippable and click-to-play YouTube ad format TrueView will be available programmatically. Until now, TrueView has been sold exclusively through AdWords.

Apple to Overhaul Apple TV?
Apple has announced the dates for its annual developer conference, WWDC, on June 8-12 and commentators are speculating that the event logo and tagline suggests they will be releasing a major overhaul to Apple TV. Business Insider has suggested that the shape in the middle of the event logo too closely resembles an Apple TV for it to be a co-incidence.


‘Anytime, Anywhere’ Attitude to Viewing Killing Traditional TV, Say Accenture
Television viewing is in double digit decline according to the ‘Digital Video and the Connected Consumer’ report from Accenture. Television was the only product category to see worldwide uniform usage declines across different types of media worldwide among viewers of nearly all ages. It is being replaced by laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones which enable viewers to watch content – anytime, anywhere.

Netflix Vows to Destroy Traditional TV
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has stated his aim is not to beat HBO, but to kill traditional TV. Hastings used the company’s Q1 budget meeting to spell out his desire to help destroy the TV Industrial Complex and its one-size-fits-all, take-it-or-leave-it bundle. Its replacement, he predicts, will be ‘Internet TV’, a variety of customisable apps, networks, or channels.

Last Year, Best Budget Year for Marketing Spend in a Decade
Marketing budgets increased at an accelerated pace in Q1 2015 and for the 10th consecutive quarter, according to the latest IPA Bellwether Report. This data has revealed growth in marketing budgets in the 2014/2015 budget year to be the best recorded in a decade.Upward revisions to budgets have been made throughout 2014/5 and overall growth for the year was the best recorded since 2004/05.

The Sun Finds Adverts for Brands on Paedophile and Incest Websites
The Sun has found advertisements for brands such as Marks & Spencer, Accessorize and British Gas were found on sites advocating bestiality, racism and cottaging. The piece suggests ads for brands are being placed by software on the basis of keywords – so Royal Ascot, as a brand focused on horse-racing, has had ads positioned on sites dedicated to bestiality, while the latter half of the brand name Cillit Bang ‘probably’ led to the brand appearing against content focused on rape and incest.

OTT Advertising Projected To Represent Half Of All TV Ad Revenue By 2020
By 2020, OTT TV ad revenue will be just under half of 2020’s projected $85 billion in total TV ad revenue according to Diffusion Group. This is partly due to growing advertising time in a typical 30-minute OTT program and rising cost of placing ads on premium digital TV video. At the same time, the average ad load for a 30-minute traditional linear TV program will decline by 38% by 2020, to about 5 minutes from 8 minutes.

Net Neutrality Rules Face Court Challenge from Cable Industry Groups
The FCC’s net neutrality rules are facing two more legal challenges from cable industry groups, as two trade associations filed notices of appeal in Washington on Tuesday. The National Cable & Telecommunications Assn., representing major cable and Internet providers have challenged the ruling made on February 26th. Internet providers had vowed to challenge the FCC’s move, arguing that the agency was imposing utility-style regulation on the 21st century technology.

Connected Automotive Infotainment System Growth Creates New Opportunities for Advertisers
Connected Automotive Infotainment Systems will exhibit a CAGR of 33.8% over the next 5 years, ​according to a new ABI Research report, due to rapid expansion in connected navigation and in-car Wi-Fi driving growth. Developed regions, which accounted for over 60% of shipments in 2014, will account for only 37.4% of shipments in 2020, with Asia Pacific dominating.

Expect ‘Significant’ 4K Progress in 2015
Rapid growth in the number of 4K/Ultra-HD channels launched in 2014 was predicted by speakers at the MIPTV this week. Japan already has two full-time 4K channels. GfK confirmed that consumers globally were still buying 4K TV sets in considerable volumes.

SpotXchange: Broadcasters Need Centralised Platform
Broadcasters must find mechanisms that easily allow them to package TV with online video, just as publishers have learned to package digital and print, according to a whitepaper from SpotXchange. The platform cites rapid convergence in the video market as the reason broadcasters need a centralised platform to manage and package advertising across content distribution channels.

TV Targets Millennials with Pricing and Multiscreen
The evolution of digital devices and social channels has made it essential for brands to create real-time content and deliver it with impact. An MPP Global poll shows that the majority (60 per cent) of TV operators and broadcasters believe that pricing, models and multiscreen are the top strategic priorities for targeting millennials, closely followed by 20 per cent stating that content packages play an important role.

Third-Party Content Crucial to Publisher Success Claim SpotXchange and VideoElephant
SpotXchange and VideoElephant have partnered to reportedly battle the lack of premium video inventory. The video content supplier, VideoElephant, and programmatic video platform, SpotXchange claim the partnership will bring publishers ready-to-monetise premium content to fill a gap in the video market.

AOL Unites Brands as ‘ONE by AOL’
AOL has launched ONE by AOL, an open, cross screen programmatic platform which the company claim will optimise campaigns from web to TV and allow marketers to own their data across any platform. AOL will consolidate most of its programmatic brands to align with the platform, with Adap.tv becoming ‘ONE by AOL: Video’.

ARRIS, Charter Acquire ActiveVideo Through New Joint Venture
ARRIS and Charter Communications have established a joint venture that has agreed to acquire ActiveVideo for approximately $135 million. ARRIS will own 65% of the joint venture company and will be the sales channel for ActiveVideo’s CloudTV platform.

Crackle Unveils Linear TV Feature ‘Always On’
Crackle is introducing a new linear TV feature ‘Always On,’ which will begin streaming a scheduled program whenever a user opens the service. The move will launch exclusively on Roku devices in May and is powered by Adobe Primetime.

Fire TV Stick Amazon’s ‘fastest-selling UK device ever’
Fire TV Stick, Amazon’s OTT dongle, has become the company’s fastest-selling UK device since becoming available for pre-order on March 24th.

Orange Moves Forward with French Fibre Plans
Orange is aiming to reach 100% fibre deployment in nine new French cities by the end of 2016, as part of its ambitious multi-billion high-speed broadband plan.

Vodafone España Unveiled Converged Offering With Vodafone One
TV services will be available for both fibre and VDSL customers, using the Vodafone TV brand from now on for fibre customers, and Vodafone Box for VDSL customers.

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