Majority of Agencies Say Video Ads are Equal to or Better than TV

A majority of agencies believe that online video advertising is equal to or better than TV advertising, according to an annual survey of agencies carried out by BrightRoll, the video ad tech company that was acquired by Yahoo for $640 million last year. BrightRoll surveyed 120 agencies in a bid to find out how agencies perceive, buy and measure online video, and just 18 percent of respondents said they believed videos ads were inferior to their TV counterparts.

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When it comes to clients, the big draw for video advertising is the targeting capabilities, along with its ability to extend reach:
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While programmatic video has been growing steadily over the last few years, buyers are still often striking direct deals with publishers and networks (however, the survey didn’t ask whether that’s a choice or due to the sell-side’s reluctance to sell programmatically).

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When it comes to brand metrics, completed views are the most prized, with conversions not far behind, suggesting that video is seen by some buyers as a performance channel. It’s interesting to see how different agencies measure success so differently, although it seems likely that it’s simply a question of agencies using the metrics most suitable for their respective clients:

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