Videoplaza Launches ‘Konnect’, a Programmatic Trading Platform for Broadcasters

Videoplaza have launched ‘Konnect’, a supply-side platform (SSP) aimed at the premium and broadcast end of the video market. Five European broadcasters will be launch partners, including SBS, Aftonbladet an Aunia, the broadcaster co-operative that Videoplaza launched in Spain earlier this year. As Videoplaza currently work with over fifty percent of European broadcasters, it seems reasonable to conclude that the launch of Konnect will accelerate the move towards the programmatic trading of broadcaster VOD inventory.

The Konnect platform makes use of Falk Real Time’s RTB technology and Videoplaza say a consultative approach will e required to to help publishers to execute their programmatic strategies. Buy-side partners who have already been integrated include Videology, TubeMogul and Amnet. Maria Flores, VP of New Business at Videoplaza, explained to VAN what she thinks Konnect will be bringing to the video market:

Maria will speaking at New Video Frontiers, London, October 22nd.


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