Adknowledge Buys TriVu Media

adknowledge_tvmAdknowledge are to acquire TriVu Media, a company that specialises in creating and applying video advertising data, including for placements on YouTube. Adknowledge currently offer advertising products across social, mobile and email, and the company says that the TriVu Media acquisition will enhance their video offering following the company’s acquisition of Giant Media, a video seeding and ad platform, earlier this year.

“We believe that the ‘big three’ brand-safe, high volume inventory sources for video advertising in the near future will be native, YouTube and Facebook,” said Ben Legg, CEO of Adknowledge. “Giant Media has the largest native network reach. Our AdParlor platform runs campaigns on Facebook. And the TriVu platform fills the gap that we had on YouTube.”

TriVu Media’s tech focuses mainly on building up ‘pre-bid’ data, either on the buy or the sell-side. So, for example, TriVu Media say a DSP could use their database to determine if: (a) a video ad can be seen (above or below the fold); (b) the level of engagement required to play the ad (auto-play or click to play); (c) content adjacency (by keyword, IAB category or custom filters set by the client); (d) video/rich media object relevance (matching video content with page data); (e) domain white listing, based on DSP-set criteria; (f) the ability to customise parameters for different device types and browsers (i.e. if viewed by a computer, tablet, smartphone or connected TV).

TriVu Media was started in New York in 2012 by Paul Calento, Michael Sullivan and Miles Dennison, and they will join Adknowledge after the sale. Calento said the sale to Adknowledge made complete sense. “Adknowledge has strong ties to major brands and agencies and those relationships will lead to new opportunities for TriVu,” he said. “We’re going to scale quickly and look forward to helping brands get a great ROI from their ad spending on YouTube,” Calento said.


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