French Startup TVTY Takes Aim at the Second Screen

In many respects broadcast/cable TV sits outside of the digital domain, cut off from the cross-channel optimisation and attribution that is increasingly possible online. However, one of the ways in which advertisers have been trying to bridge that gap is via second screen technologies that sync the ads on mobile devices with the ads appearing on the big living room TV.

There are a number of mostly European technology companies chasing this space, although most started out working in other areas and advertising was an afterthought. However, now ad-focused specialists are starting to emerge, and one of the companies honing in on this area is TVTY, a French startup headed up by Eliott Reilhac. Here Eliott explains how the technology works and gives some insight into his future plans for the company. Filmed at MIPTV, where TVTY won the MIPCube #Labs competition.


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