Videoplaza Launches Live Event and Simulcast Monetisation Tools

Videoplaza, a sell-side ad serving and management platform, has launched ‘Karbon Live’, an advertising solution for the monetisation of live video events and simulcast in IP environments. The product has just come out of beta and Videoplaza are targeting the growing market for live events which were previously too difficult to manage in IP environments. Videplaza say Karbon live helps solve the technical and operational challenges of monetising live events via an ad server.

And those challenges are more complex than simply managing ad requests:  publishers need to be able to manage the sales and delivery of ads in the same workflow used for standard VOD, have a streamlined workflow for ad operations, and to dynamically define ad break durations and while also be able to handle large scale capacity as viewership spikes during live events.

The initial trials have been run with Aftonbladet, a leading Swedish publisher who used the product to monetise their recently launched live digital news service. Videplaza say each live deployment requires a unique solution depending on the broadcaster or publisher’s specific requirements and technical architecture. 

See Videoplaza CCO Rags Gupta Speak on the Data and Measurement Panel at New Video Frontiers, London October 24th

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