Ad of the Week: Toshiba, ‘The Power Inside’, Pereira O’Dell

This week’s ad(s) of the week is ‘The Power Inside’, a three part story produced by Pereira O’Dell (San Francisco) for Toshiba and Intel. Earlier this year Intel and Toshiba swept the boards for branded content at Cannes with ‘The Beauty Inside‘, a similarly cinematic series of shorts also produced by Pereira O’Dell. However, The Power Inside has a weaker emotional punch than its predecessor, but it makes up for it with some over the top B movie madness.

While having Harvey Keitel featuring should be a bonus, his performances tend to overshadow the performances of anyone who features alongside him. Also worth keeping an eye out for is the product placement from Spotify, Skype, Fossil watches and Skullcandy headphones, all of whom paid for placements with merchandise rather than cash.

Episode 2

Episode 3

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