Week in Review: MySpace’s Relaunch, DG’s Verification Suite, YouTube’s Mobile Money

The new Myspace officiallly launched yesterday, bringing the rebuilt platform out of beta and debuting a new mobile app. Mashable reported that owners Specific Media intend to spend $20 million on promoting the revamped service. MySpace say the new version has been built from the ground up using the latest technology, and is ‘designed to showcase creativity, foster collaboration, and promote discovery’.

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DG Announces New Global Verification Suite 

DG launched its new verification suite which is powered by the integration of its MediaMind and Peer39 Platforms, following DG’s acquisition of Peer39 last year. Verification is the process of an independent third-party attempting to verify that an advertisement was delivered according to the expectations of the advertiser. The new contextual verification elements of the MediaMind verification product will be powered by Peer39, the leading Brand Safety and Page Quality data provider in the RTB space.

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Research from Adobe Suggests Online Ads Still No Match for Traditional Ads

Adobe released the findings of its Click Here: State of Online Advertising research yesterday, which suggested that consumers still prefer the ‘old school’ ways of advertising – in print, on TV and on billboards – to newer online channels.  In fact, only consumers from the UK ranked website ads in their top three, with France and Germany preferring billboards and even window displays:

  • UK advertising preferences: Print magazines – 39%, TV ads – 23% and Websites – 12%
  • French advertising preferences: Print magazines – 31%, Billboards – 24% and TV ads – 23%
  • German advertising preferences: Print magazines – 28%, Billboards – 23% and Window Displays – 21%

No less than 70% of UK consumers said that they thought TV ads are still more important than online ads, with the majority of consumers saying these were ‘annoying’ (62%), and just 8% thought that online advertisements were persuasive.

On the creative side, 68% of UK consumers said ads should tell a unique story, rather than just trying to sell them products, and humour is also important, with 92% of consumers said funny ads are more effective than ‘sexy’ ones.  

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YouTube Triples Mobile Ad Sales

YouTube has tripled its mobile video ad sales, contributing revenue of $350 million to Google’s coffers. YouTube’s vice president of sales told Bloomberg, “The commercial business has exploded,” he said. “It’s a huge part of our business, and we know that’s where it’s headed.”

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