Day 1: *Ad Tech/Data* News from Digital Content New Fronts 2013

As the Digital Content New Fronts focus mainly on promoting online video content, for once the ad tech and data tends to take a back seat. TV buyers love comparing ‘apples to apples’, apparently, so the pitch tends to be more straightforward and TV-like i.e. ‘Here’s our show, we hope you like it’. However, two of the companies presenting yesterday made announcements, with Yahoo! and The Weather Channel both making announcements relating to how they’re blending ad tech and data to boost the value of their content. For yesterday’s content announcements, click here.


YahooYahoo! say they will be offering more relevant advertising and providing advertisers with more reach (worth noting the most recent ComScore rankings back this this up with Yahoo! rising to fourth for unique video viewers in the US). Yahoo also say they intend to ‘weave brands into the creative canvas’ via:
  • Yahoo! is offering a new video ad buying method that blends its own topical video channels with distribution partners’ video content to create 18 new category-specific channels that they say will ‘deliver a new level of contextual relevance for advertisers’.
  • Yahoo! Stream Ads, a performance-based native ad embedded in the personalised content stream on the new Yahoo! homepage.
  • Billboard, an ad positioned at the top of the Yahoo! homepage and designed to enhance the user experience with rich and immersive interactions.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel The Weather Company (Weather) hosted its Digital Content NewFront presentation today at The Times Center in New York City, which included the announcement of three new web series, and the first brand sponsor for The Weather Channel brand’s new partnership with Twitter, which also underscored the breadth and depth of the company’s multiplatform offerings. Highlights of the presentation included:

Curt Hecht, chief global revenue officer, The Weather Company, explained Weather’s target audience, ‘the Weather Enthusiast’, who are 46 million strong and engages with weather content on all platforms. Said Hecht, “No other company has such a deep understanding of the affects of weather on what people do and how they feel. The most effective marketing is that which drives future sales, not yesterday’s. Few companies predict the future at our scale, and we want to unlock this content and data for our agency and client partners to drive better human connections for their brands.”

WeatherFX – Forecasting Audiences and Weather, Together

Vikram Somaya, general manager, WeatherFX, The Weather Company, discussed how WeatherFX’s proprietary weather data and automated process allows marketers to adjust their campaigns in real-time to anticipate and react to dozens of local weather conditions across thousands of locations throughout the country simultaneously. Said Somaya, “We can forecast what your customers are going to do before they do it, and we can help you reach them at the right place and time with the right message.”

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