DG Creates Umbrella Brand for New Video-Centric Identity

DGDG, an ad management and distribution platform, has launched a new unified brand that brings its TV and online solutions under a single corporate identity, putting ‘DG’ at the centre. DG’s TV and video products will be grouped under the name ‘VideoFusion’, which will include SpotCentral (a creative resource library), PathFire (long-form content syndication) and TreeHouse (a New York-based direct response production facility). However, DG has also retained elements of the original brands, so Mediamind, for example, will now become ‘DG Mediamind’.

The new brand aims to provide a stronger sense of an integrated and cohesive offering. Over the last couple of years, DG has has been been one of the most prolific acquirers in ad tech and the company been busy stitching together the various technologies and services. Last year the company acquired Peer39, a semantic targeting service, for $15.5 million; in 2011 they acquired EyeWonder, a rich media technology company, for $66M and MediaMind, an ad management platform, for $517M; and Match Point Media, a direct response marketing company, was bought for $26M in 2010.

DG’s products will now be known as:

·         DG MediaMind – Online ad management platform

·         DG VideoFusion – Cross-platform video management

·         DG Peer39 – Semantic advertising technology

·         DG SourceEcreative – Creative resource library

·         DG Mijo – Post-production content customization

·         DG TreeHouse – Direct response production

·         DG PathFire – Long-form content syndication

Neil Nguyen, CEO and President of DG, said he believes “the most powerful branding messages should be delivered with sight, sound and motion”.

He added, “Through our acquisitions, DG is uniquely positioned to accelerate the convergence of advertising across an ever increasing number of screens,” said  “Unifying all our brands and technologies under the DG umbrella will make it easier for all advertisers to take full advantage of our unique offering.”

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