Ad of the Week: Ikea, ‘Make Room for Your Life’, Mother

IkeaThis week’s Ad of the Week is ‘Make Room for Your Life’, was made for Ikea by Mother (with production by Stink). The ad shines not only because of the concept, the writing or because it’s so well produced, but also because it of the subject matter. With all due respect to Ikea, home storage solutions are unlikely to get most people’s creative juices flowing, but here Mother and Stink have managed to put together an ad with the cinematic qualities you’d usually expect from a car or alcohol brand. Directed by Adam Berg, ‘Make Room for Your Life’ was shot over three days in a warehouse in Prague.

The track is a cover version of the Bee Gees track ‘Living Together’ by tAn Escape Plan, the full version of which can be heard on this longer promo film.

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