Viral Ad Network Launch ‘TubeRank’ App

Viral Ad NetworkUnderstanding what drives a video’s ‘shareability’ appears to be something the various social video advertising players have been working on over the last few months. This time the Viral Ad Network  have launched their ‘TubeRank’ app. Viral Ad Network (VAN) say TubeRank ranks videos according to ‘conversation triggers’ and ‘communities of interest’, so agencies and brands can search through past viral videos to get an idea of what has/hasn’t worked in the past.

For each search, TubeRank provides benchmarking data, tips and insight, as well as a custom downloadable report. All videos are given a ‘share to view ratio’ — a lower ratio is better as this shows that a higher percentage of people have watched a video and then shared it.

TubeRank could be used in a variety of scenarios, but is most likely to be used by brands and creative agencies who want to find out what types of videos work best e.g. have emotionally moving ads worked best for fashion brands, or is it worth considering something a little more risqué.

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