YuMe Acquire Crowd Science, a Sell-Side Audience Targeting Firm

YuMe Crow ScienceYuMe, a video ad platform, have announced announced the acquisition Crowd Science, a sell-side audience measurement, segmentation and targeting firm. YuMe say CITRUS, Crowd Science’s audience measurement and targeting platform, will add to the capabilities of Audience Amplifier, the technology YuMe currently use to enhance audience reach and targeting.

Crowd Science was founded in 2008 with to enable publishers to gain audience insights in the US. Since then they’ve built a set of audience measurement and modeling tools, which they’ve used to build out 850 audience segments across 165+ million unique users.

YuMe say the technology will enable brands to access new audience segments and provide additional insights into brand-receptive audiences. A statement suggested that the video ad network’s focus will increasingly be on using data to target audiences, even at the top of the funnel:

“Finding brand-receptive consumers requires new approaches to data-science and audience modeling. CITRUS is unique in that it combines survey, behavioural and contextual data using proprietary machine learning techniques to provide better audience targeting, greater reach and more effective audience measurement.”

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