LG to Use webOS as the Operating System for Smart TVs

LGLG are working with Gram on an Open webOS connected TV, according to webOS Nation. WebOS is the operating system Hewlett Packard (HP) was using on its tablets and phones, but the company recently made the operation system open source and created a new company called Gram to support future development. Now LG are going to use the operating system for their connected TV to replace their Netcast operating system.

webOS Nations say the process of transforming Open webOS into a TV operating system has been underway for several months. Although HP hasn’t been particularly successful in the smartphone and tablet market, webOS – which was originally developed by Palm before being acquired by HP – was generally respected as an operating system and won Palm the ‘Best of Show’ award at CES 2009.

Read the full article on webOS Nation here.

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