Rovi Launch Polling Feature for Connected TV Ads

Rovi LogoWhile connected TV advertising offers functionality you’d expect online, advertisers have had to be creative in how they engage users once they click through. Traditional landing pages – as typically found online – just don’t work on TV. Rovi Corporation think surveys might be one way of driving deeper engagement, and the company has just introduced a new polling feature on the Rovi Advertising Network that allows marketers to allow viewers to voice opinions and respond to surveys on connected TV ads. Advertisers will be able to present a question or multiple questions so users can select the answer via a remote control.

Rovi Survey Feature



Rovi say the new survey formats will also provide advertisers with additional post-campaign data that can be sorted according to country location and day-part. As things stand, Rovi’s connected TV ad network is essentially a blend of what you’d expect to find online – things like rich media, click-to-call and social elements – combined with more TV-oriented, video-centric approach.

Last month VAN reported on how YouTube are trialling a survey feature for YouTube videos, and many of the applications we suggested then could also be applied on Rovi’s ad network, including:

  • Brands could use the polling feature to gauge reaction to creatives/characters/offers before using the ad in other channels
  • Brands could run competitions (assuming of course that Rovi’s ads will allow users to enter their details)
  • When running A/B tests on different ads, the self-reported data could add an additional, more qualitative dimension when measuring engagement.


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