ABOX42 Partners with Brandmaker to Deliver Video Ads in High Street Stores

Brandmaker Partner with Abox42Capturing intent is something ad tech empires are built on – just look at Google’s search business if you’re in any doubts about the power of getting ads in front of users when they’re at the bottom of the sales funnel. However, the online advertising industry still hasn’t done a particularly good job of moving into offline environments such as high street retail stores, where consumers are often as likely to be in ‘buying mode’ as they are online.

In Germany, that might be about to change, as Abox42, a manufacturer of OTT and IPTV set-top boxes (STBs), has partnered with Brandmaker, a marketing resources management company, to deliver brand advertising at the point of sale. Brandmaker say many in-store videos are still dependent on DVDs, causing problems with distribution and compatibility, while marketers have no way of knowing what’s actually being shown to consumers.

By centralising control of what’s being delivered, Brandmaker will be able to allow marketers to deliver ads in a similar way to how they’re delivered online, so ads can be customised for local markets and playlists can be rearrange/scheduled from a central location. For retailers using the product in stores, they also have the option of bringing on board advertisers of their own to fund their own service.

The in-store advertising is going to be an interesting one to watch as it evolves – likely link ups in the future could be with second screen services and tie-ins with geo-aware voucher apps.

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