Undertone Offers $50k Money-back Guarantee for In-Stream Ads

UndertoneUndertone, a video ad platform, have launched the ‘Undertone Video Guarantee’, which will pay $50,000 to advertisers if ordered user-initiated video are shown using auto-play ad units. Undertone say they’re trying to address market fragmentation and that ads are still being incorrectly sold. In a statement the company said many buyers ‘are still unsure of the formats they’re purchasing, and delivery continues to differ from the original contract’.

“Online video consumption and video ad inventory are steadily increasing, however many advertisers are discouraged by previous bad experiences and the continued lack of transparency and accountability,” said Jared M. Skolnick, VP of Product Marketing for Undertone. “With the Undertone Video Guarantee, we’re giving advertisers complete confidence by ensuring that when they buy user-initiated in-stream inventory, that’s exactly what they receive.”

“The industry needs to coalesce around a set of quality standards for digital video,” said Adam Kasper, EVP, Partnerships and Investments, Havas Digital. “There are just too many horror stories about video being inappropriately sold – stories that could ultimately derail the growth the space is currently enjoying. It’s great to see Undertone lead the way with a guarantee that gives buyers more confidence that they’re getting what they pay for.”

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