Worth a Look: Adap.tv on the Problems Facing the Australian Video Market

Adap.tvPhil Duffield, Adap.tv‘s, MD for Australia, wrote an interesting piece on the state of the Australian video market. The video market is much like everywhere else in that it’s going multichannel and the lines between online and mobile video advertising are becoming blurred (although mobile continues to enjoy higher completion rates). But the Australian market is being particularly restrained not only by the all too familar issue of supply, but also by the fact that many areas in Australia are still facing considerable problems with infrastructure, as Duffield explains:

Australians love their video content and would be consuming a lot more if we weren’t so constrained by slow Internet speeds. Yes, consumers want to watch more video content from connected devices, but we have to wait for the arrival of the National Broadband Network and widespread 4G availability before video advertising can realize its full potential.

Secondly, Australia is a supply constrained market. The availability of local content is increasing, but licensing agreements continue to delay the availability of major productions from overseas.  Publishers stand to reap the benefits of increased viewership from devices, but they need to ensure they respect this market, with more expedient releases if they are to be truly successful.

You can read the full post here.

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