PwC: Russia to Become Largest EMEA TV Ad Market by 2016

PwC LogoRussia will become the leading TV advertising market in EMEA by 2016, according to a report published by Price Waterhouse Coopers.  TV advertising spending in Russia surged by 20.2 percent in 2011, and by 2016 it will overtake the UK, Germany, Italy, and France. PwC’s ‘Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2012-2016‘, says we’re at the end of the ‘digital beginning’ and that media companies are now entering a new phase where the focus will be more on implementation than creating new digital strategies.

Report Highlights

  • Online TV advertising* will increase annually from a relatively small base at a 19.8 percent.
  • Mobile TV advertising** will rise at a 30.0 percent rate compounded annually (includes display ads around content)
  • Latin America will be the fastest-growing region over TV advertising over the next five years—again from a relatively low base—with a compound annual increase of 9.8 percent to $27.3 billion in 2016.
  • Overall global spending on all forms of Internet advertising, including mobile, will rise to $188.1 billion in 2016 at a 15.9 percent compound annual growth rate. However, paid search at $78.1 billion and banner/display at $46.6 billion will still dominate the market in 2016.
  • China will overtake Japan to have have the fastest-growing Internet advertising market in Asia Pacific, growing at a 32.1 percent compound annual growth rate to $31 billion in 2016, and overtaking Japan in 2013 as the region’s largest market and second-largest in the world behind the US.

* Online TV advertising consists of display ads on TV Web sites as well as video ads in and around programs that can be streamed over the Internet.
** PwC define ‘Mobile TV advertising’ as everything from display ads on mobile TV sites and video ads in and around mobile TV broadcasts that are available through mobile TV services.

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