Ad of the Week: Radio Klassisk, Flash Mob with the Copenhagen Phil, Makropol

There was a time, a golden age perhaps, when getting a bunch of nuns to do the macarena in an airport would deliver online glory for any brand. But those days are long gone and now flash mobs risk being perceived as being a little passé if they aren’t sufficiently imaginative. A great example of a well-executed flash mob is this week’s Ad of the Week, created for Copenhagen’s Radio Klassisk by Makropol, a Danish agency.

As a group of jaded commuters are waiting in a Metro station for their train to arrive, the sign on the platform reads ‘Classical Special Train, Enjoy the Music’. What happens next is no great surprise, but the transformative effect the music (Edvard Grieg’s ‘Morning’) has on the passengers creates a very special moment. Also watch for how the music is synced with the train’s journey:

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