Ad of the Week: P&G, ‘Best Job’, Wieden + Kennedy (Portland)

This week’s Ad of the Week was produced by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, for Procter & Gamble, linking the jobs done by mums with the London 2012 Olympics. ‘Best Job’ has beaten off the competition and managed to come out on top in spite of the fact it makes no bones about going for the emotional jugular, but hats off to Wieden + Kennedy for cramming so many moments into such a short film and putting them against a brilliantly composed cinematic score.

A great ad is one that successfully connects with its audience, and the sheer volume of shares (almost 600k at the time of writing) suggests that this ad is definitely striking a chord with mums and the people who love them, even if the reality is that mums sponsor P&G and not the other way around.

Still have food in your stomach?  Fear not, for there’s a Proud Sponsor of Mums site too.

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